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Our Misssion

Mission Statement

Freiberg Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine provides excellent, compassionate, respectful, knowledgeable, individual orthopaedic care to our patients.

Our Goals

  • To provide expert technical skills and effective procedures during the treatment, comfort, and recovery time of our patients.
  • To be autonomous in our clinical assessments within the context of valid medical opinions.
  • To explain medical conditions and treatments in order to make sure our patients understand what has occurred and what steps are being taken to help them recover.
  • To show respect to children who are our patients by helping them understand their injuries and how our treatments will aid in their recovery.
  • To answer the questions of our patients, creating an interactive treatment process.
  • To refer patients to sub-specialists within the Freiberg Group in order to provide our patients access to their expertise.

We Value Our Patients

Our patients are not only our treasured commodity, they are our primary responsibility. While meeting the needs of our patients, everything we do must be done with the highest quality. We must consistently review our costs to keep our services affordable for all of our patients. Because they have instilled their trust in us as a first-class healthcare organization. We must also strive to see patients promptly and diagnose their needs accurately. We must treat them, as we would want our families to be treated.

Hip Arthroplasty
Knee Replacement
Hand & Wrist Treatment
Spinal Surgery
Foot & Ankle Conditions
Sports Injury Treatment
Physical Rehabilitation
Pediatric Orthopaedics
Multimedia Patient Education
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